Cattery-CorkWe understand how stressful it can be to arrange accommodation for your cat. We offer a range of standard and luxury apartments for your pet to stay in whilst you are away.

Our cattery is spacious yet cosy, and is bathed in natural light.

Cats will enjoy their daily exercise in our jungle gym play area. Here they can make new friend or play on there own, depending on their personality.

Feliway diffuses are installed throughout our cattery in order to keep soothing and relaxing cat facial pheromones continuosly circulating in the environment. This helps to keep you cat content, relaxed and stress-free throughout their stay with us.

Each of our feline guests gets personal attention throughout their stay and cuddling is, of course, free of charge!

Apartment types

Standard apartments

These include a cosy bed, a scratching pole and a selection of toys to keep your cat entertained. There is a port hole which leads to the en-suite and a feeding area.

Luxury apartments

These offer a little extra for your special friend. These apartments are more spacious and have a large window with a view of Clara mountain. Your cat can relax and play in their own jungle gym. Also included are a cosy bed, a scratching pole and a variey of toys. Each apartment has an en-suite and feeding area.

Spa day option

If you think your perfect pet deserves a little extra, why not add a spa day to their stay with us.

This includes:

  • A wash a blow-dry with our groomer, Yvonne.
  • Nail clipping
  • Ear cleaning

Before check-in

  • All cats visiting the cattery must be vaccinated and free from external and internal parasites.
  • On the day of check- in, we can arrange for your pet to be seen by a veterinary surgeon if necessary.
  • Check-out time is 10am – 12 noon.
  • We recommend that you bring a sufficient supply of your cat’s normal diet, as this will make it easier for your pet to adjust during their stay with us.
  • We also suggest that you bring something familiar from home with you (e.g. a favourite toy or blanket), to help your cat ease into its new environment.

Check out

Check-out time is 10am – 12 noon.

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