Bull breeding soundness examination

Soundness examMillstreet Veterinary Group offer you a complete Bull breeding Soundness examination.
This involves semen collection and evaluation as well as a physical examination both externally and internally using ultrasound.


Complete infertility is rare but 30% of bulls show some level of sub-fertility . This can prove costly through prolonged calving intervals and culling due to infertility.


  • 30—60 days before the breeding season: this gives you time to replace a bull if he is unsatisfactory.
  • Post purchase. A new bull on a farm is usually an unknown and unproven entity.It is always best to buy a bull well in advance ( 30—60 days) before he is required to enable you to have him tested and allow him to settle on your farm. It also allows time for any vaccinations he will have received to have taken full effect.
  • Annual testing of your stock bull is also recommended . Past performance does not always guarantee future success.

If problems arise. If you have doubts about your bull during the breeding season do not hesitate to check him. Delay can be disastrous for your herd.

However, this examination does not assess the libido of the bull.These tests provide a snapshot in time of the bull’s fertility.

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